Window repairs and maintenance

We perform and guarantee many types of window and door repairs.

Our specialists carry out all kinds of window and door repairs. Postponing the problem and late prevention can lead to expensive repair.

We perform and guarantee many types of window and door repairs. Very often the repair includes glass, furniture and compactor change, and door repair requires replacement of locks.

We are ready to fabricate and install mosquito netting, window sills and any other structural elements of the window.

Our specialists have many years of successful experience in all kinds of plastic, aluminum and wooden window types and global manufacturers for service and repair. If your windows cause you discomfort – contact us - we will prevent the problems in the shortest possible time and will provide you with a guaranteed quality service. PVC, aluminum or wooden window glass repair or replacement, and other services that we offer.

We perform many types of quality window repairs, which include the following tasks:

  • Window, door leaf, frame and the replacement of the mains;
  • Insulation replacement;
  • Glass replacement;
  • Hardware adjustment, repair or substitution;
  • Window outer and inner sealing;
  • Re-installation of the whole structure;
  • Internal and external sill replacement;
  • Full service maintenance services;
  • Window, door box finishing and repairs.

Window fittings and repairs

Window quality depends on the profiles from which they have been produced, but it also depends on the hardware. Fittings are the sets of different parts and mechanisms, which serve to open and close windows, ensuring sash sealing to the frame. Fittings are a key part of the window and door components that are responsible for the quality of the product and its reliability and stability.

Hardware wear happens because it is not properly operated (it is not regularly oiled or the fittings themselves are of poor quality). In this case, replacement fitting is necessary or its individual components need to be replaced. Sometimes after construction works or during repair, the remaining dust is not cleaned off from mechanisms and fitting parts. In order to avoid the need for expensive and complex repairs, do not postpone to call a specialist. Window fittings is a complex mechanism, which requires impeccable service.

Window mechanism maintenance:

Your windows are equipped with fittings. To prolong the life and maintain the smooth functioning of mechanisms they should be lubricated at least 2 times a year, lubricate all moving parts with oil that does not contain acid or resin. Also, these products should not dispose corrosion protection. (It is better to entrust this work to professionals)

Caring for PVC profile:

According to the chemical composition of PVC it is resistant to acid solutions. Therefore, the frame should be cleaned using ordinary soap solution or by using special detergents containing solvents, abrasive or acetone. It is better to use liquid when cleaning with a soft linen cloth. After cleaning the frame should be wiped with a dry or damp cloth. (It is better to entrust this work to professionals).

Window decoration:

Windows and other isolation materials will never provide 100% sound insulation if there is not a high-quality finish and insulation for window boxes. Generally customers tend to forget about this, and only after a new window assembly it becomes necessary to add extra insulation to window boxes. When replacing your windows you must also consider that the thickness of the new PVC window is less than the thickness of the wooden window that was installed during the construction of the building. After replacing the window the outer window box exposes 5 to 30 cm raw bar, as well as the building structures. After the window assembly it is desirable to re-finish the window box so it would look decent. Our experts can offer you full re-finish of the boxes, as well as repair work.

Regular ventilation of the room:

These windows are made of PVC profiles that have a high density of connections and locked window is just barely breathable. Thus, moisture accumulates, such as from smoking (especially in the kitchen), in the form of condensate. To prevent such cases, reduce the humidity in the room, have the room regularly ventilated. You can also install a ventilation system or air conditioning. In terms of comfort, indoor humidity is preferably not more than 55%. It is also desirable for the curtains and blinds to not interfere with access of warm air from the heating pipes to the windows.

Plastic window maintenance and upkeep

Plastic windows require little care, they need to be cleaned from time to time and the moving mechanical parts need to be lubricated.
You can use detergent without abrasives not damage the surface of the profile. You also can not use solvents that can damage the window profile and compaction.

Caring for rubber seals.

It prevents the cold air to flow inside the room.

Sealing rubber is made of modern materials, which, however, are subject to natural aging. To prolong the life and maintain their flexibility, maintenance must be carried out once or twice a year. Seals may be exempted from dirt with special means by using good absorbent cloth treated with a special spray for retaining flexibility. (It is better to entrust this work to professionals.) It is also possible to replace the old rubber seals with new ones.

Double-glazed windows

Double-glazed windows and their beneficial properties.

If winter weather freezes your windows and snow accumulates inside the double-glazed window, as well as if the internal windows mist up, most likely there has been improper de-pressurizing of the window. Our specialists are ready to install your new, top quality double-glazed window glass. We can install single-chamber glass unit or a or dual-chamber glass. Following the needs of the customer closed glass package can be replaced with openable sash. In the shortest time, our experts will help you to replace the scratched or broken glass package in any window.

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Choose the Best Option.

You can choose either PVC profile, or wood profile windows, according to your needs. Color options allow to adapt the windows and doors to the building's external facade. Glass choice according to your needs - with increased thermal insulation and noise insulation properties. Maybe you want to have decorative glass bathroom doors or, perhaps tinted glass or glass with an increased impact resistance properties? Our specialist will provide information about these options, the most significant differences and peculiarities. Window replacement process requires replacing the interior and exterior window sills, and the color or material choice is also extensive.