There are several reasons, as mentioned by our customers, here are the most common of these reasons: Existing windows and doors need repair. Unfortunately, many wooden windows are suffering from rotting and therefore they require frequent repairs and repainting, hence the extra time and expense. PVC windows and doors do not require such maintenance, you need to invest just a little time in cleaning.

Improve home or apartment appearance:

  • New windows significantly improve the internal and the external appearance of the building.
  • PVC windows and doors do not require such maintenance, you need to invest just a little time in cleaning.
  • Sense of security. It provides enhanced anti-burglar fittings and use of higher safety level glass that protects you against potential intrusion of unwanted visitors to your home.
Better thermal insulation properties:
  • Are your curtains fluttering on wind gusts? Or coolness comes from the windows? Or rain water seeps in through the old window frames? The new design of PVC windows and doors successfully solves this problem, and it has been proven in practice for more than 10 years.
  • New PVC profiles and two or three layers of glass are able to significantly reduce noise that gets through the windows so your home may become quieter.
Energy savings:
  • New PVC windows and doors provide a much better thermal insulation in comparison with the old windows, and minimize drafts. Thus, new windows and doors help you save money by reducing the costs for heating.


SIA Real line. Production and assembly of aluminium and wooden doors and windows. Our company can be proud of the work being entrusted.

Assembly and Service

Our specialists are making every kind of window and door repairs. Dont Keep aside the problem, preventing timely problems can lead to expensive repairs.

About Us

Our specialists have a long-standing job experience in installing plastic Windows. Our staff will work together with a great deal of experience.


You want to order now or calculate the cost of the window?

If you have decided to replace your windows or doors, please contact "Real line" specialists by phone or send us an e-mail. For your convenience, we will agree on our expert - consultant to visit you. Our specialists are ready to help you make the right choice according to your needs, not to impose their views.


Measurements must be carried out before the Windows are installed.

"Real line" specialist is qualified to perform the measurements, taking into account building standards and technological conditions. Measuring accuracy and many factors are vital, since it has effect on the further installation of windows and their full functionality.

Choose the Best Option.

You can choose either PVC profile, or wood profile windows, according to your needs. Color options allow to adapt the windows and doors to the building's external facade. Glass choice according to your needs - with increased thermal insulation and noise insulation properties. Maybe you want to have decorative glass bathroom doors or, perhaps tinted glass or glass with an increased impact resistance properties? Our specialist will provide information about these options, the most significant differences and peculiarities. Window replacement process requires replacing the interior and exterior window sills, and the color or material choice is also extensive.