PVC windows protect us from precipitation.

Excellent thermal insulation with a multi-chamber system helps reduce heating costs and increase stability and security. Optimum sound insulation allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet of your own home.

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toughened glass

Toughened glass is 5 times more tougher than normal.

Glass constructions are valuable solutions in modern architecture, thanks to their universal characteristics of strength, security, and their safe use in private and public buildings. It is easy to maintain or clean.

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Aluminum windows, doors and other structures

Eco-friendly and durable, do not require special care. A wide choice of colors.

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Double-glazed windows

Double-glazed windows and their beneficial properties.

One of the best improvements in window design, created by modern technology - it is a double pane window. The thermal conductivity of glass is about 2.5 times higher than of PVC material, and about 20 times higher than air.

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Metal Doors

Increases heat and sound insulation.

Real Line offers metal doors that are based on a strong, fully welded metal frame. All doors are made of high-thickness metal, and are installed with anti-theft layer of metal elements and special rubber insulation.

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Garage doors

The most convenient type of garage design is sectional doors.

Our company can install sectional garage and industrial doors as well as garage doors for private buildings. Sectional doors do not take up much space in the room and they can be installed in any type of buildings.

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Wooden doors and windows

Environmentally friendly. A wide range of colors..

Windows can be painted, tonated or laminated. Window assemblies may have a two-part colouring - on one side painted, laminated on the other side.

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Choose the Best Option.

You can choose either PVC profile, or wood profile windows, according to your needs. Color options allow to adapt the windows and doors to the building's external facade. Glass choice according to your needs - with increased thermal insulation and noise insulation properties. Maybe you want to have decorative glass bathroom doors or, perhaps tinted glass or glass with an increased impact resistance properties? Our specialist will provide information about these options, the most significant differences and peculiarities. Window replacement process requires replacing the interior and exterior window sills, and the color or material choice is also extensive.